about us

MedEduPro is a conglomerate team with a constellation of skills with over 1 million man hours of experience in design, development and delivery of custom e-learning programs for healthcare professionals worldwide. Our diverse team has an attractive rainbow of skillsets ranging from e-learning, technology, subject matter experts, medical writers, instructional designers, UI and UX professionals.

We fuel passion and pride to build a “compassionate knowledge force in healthcare” with “requisite skill sets” to “perform and excel in the real-time healthcare ecosystem”.

We partner with international publication houses, universities, businesses delivering healthcare, and medical societies to effectively build e-learning custom courseware that includes online and or phygital training. MedEduPro’s Academy is an e-learning platform offering medical, nursing, pharmaceutical, allied-health sciences, life-sciences and health informatics training programs for students and professionals worldwide.



Deliver real-time e-learning courseware to empower healthcare professionals and students to up-skill, new-skill, re-skill, and fast-skill for improved healthcare delivery.

Our Team

Coming together to deliver benchmark solutions.​

Adithi Vivekanand

Delivery and User Experience

Nikita Pandey

Delivery and User Experience

G. Prabhu

Delivery and User Experience

Dr. Satheesh Kumar Reddy

Product Design and Development

Vidya Suresh

Subject Matter Expert and Content Writer

Vishwanand AKA Vishy Govindaraju

Strategy and Marketing

Asesh Mandal

Planning and Execution

Debdeep Lahiri

Marketing and Communication

Omkar Sahu

Design and Technology