Training Program in Medical Writing for Clinical Nutrition and Wellness

Powered by PBL – Problem Based Learning approach

Training Program in Medical Writing for Clinical Nutrition and Wellness

Medical Writing for Clinical Nutrition and Wellness is a tailor – made Program by Industry experts to enhance your professional medical writing skill.

The e-learning training will help you comprehensively learn and practise the following:

Patient Education/ Consumer health writing


Scientific/ Publication writing


Medico marketing writing


Writing for Social Media / Digital Marketing


Story boarding and instructional design for Healthcare Communication

Key Highlights

Trusted by industry - Fortune 500

Webinars from Industry experts

Feedback - By the experts

Duration - 6 months

Mobile/ Tablet - Responsive design for the convenience of learning

7 Milestones - industry based application oriented curriculum

Rich content - supported with industry sample and case studies

Real-time practice - integrated assignments and assessments

Powered by PBL - Problem Based Learning strategy

Over 3000 + participants worldwide | 50+ Corporates | 12+ Countries | 200+ Self-Employment

Program Overview

The Medical Writing for Clinical Nutrition and Wellness is based on Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach which helps participants to apply the learning of medical writing best practices differently from the traditional 3A- Assignment, Assessment and Advise approach model.

In the PBL approach after completion of the tutorials, assignments and assessments, the participants solve real-time medical writing cases in groups and apply the learning into practical medical writing purpose. The PBL approach is adopted to help participants become efficient medical writers and build skills to perform in the current nutraceutical market.

PBL helps to

Understand and apply medical writing best practices in real-time

Think critically and creatively

Work independently

Network and collaborate with professionals and businesses


  • F&D and R&D professional in nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and food tech
  • Nutrition, Dietetics, Food technology graduate wanting to build a career in the nutraceuticals formulation category
  • Graduate/Post Graduate Degree in Life-Sciences, Pharmacy, Pharm-D, Medical Laboratory, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, MD, BDS, MBBS, BHMS, BAMS, Nursing and other allied sciences
  • Individuals from English and Journalism background having interest in medical writing

Professionals From​

  • Pharmaceuticals, Bio-technology , Nutraceuticals, Wellness, AYUSH – Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Sowa-Rigpa and Homoeopathy

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum is divided into 7 milestones integrated with industry based live case solving assignments and assessments.

Foundation in Medical Writing for Nutraceuticals and Wellness Industry

  1. Introduction to Medical Writing and Healthcare Communication
  2. The writing process
  3. Writing for digital and print media
  4. Research skills for generating quality medically-accurate content
  5. Copyrights and Plagiarism
  6. Rules of effective Medical Writing
  7. Email Writing for business communication
Participants would be given 30 days to complete the Foundation in Medical Writing assignments set.

WRITING FOR CONSUMER/ PATIENTS focused on Nutraceuticals and Wellness

  1. General rules for consumer writing
  2. Types of consumer writing
  3. Writing for website/portal/ mobile-apps/ chat-bots
  4. Consumer news
  5. Consumer reviews
  6. Blogs
  7. Newsletters
  8. Fact-sheets
  9. Care guides
Participants would be given 15 days towards this milestone -2.

Scientific Writing focused on Nutraceuticals and Wellness

  1. General rules for Scientific writing
  2. Scientific news
  3. Scientific reviews
  4. Writing research papers for journals
  5. Case reports
  6. Drug monographs
  7. Abstract writing
  8. How to get yourself published
  9. Publishing in print media
  10. Publishing in online media
Participants would be given 30 days towards this milestone -3.

Medico-Marketing Writing focused on Nutraceuticals and Wellness Businesses

  1. Understanding medico-marketing writing
  2. Steps in writing a marketing material
  3. Types of medico-marketing writing
    1. Sales aids
    2. Posters
    3. Sales/Consumer training materials
    4. Product ads/Corporate ads
    5. Leave-behinds/flyers
    6. White paper
    7. Case-studies
    8. Business insight reports
    9. Proposal writing
    10. Product monographs
    11. Public relation materials
    12. Blogs
    13. Web content
    14. Brochures
Participants would be given 15 days towards this milestone -4.

Social Media Writing for Nutraceuticals and Wellness Businesses

  1. Developing a Social Media plan
  2. Principles of effective social media writing
  3. Developing content for Social Media
  4. Using Web Content as Source Material for Social Media Content
  5. How to write for Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin, Blogging
  6. Hands-on practice in revising social media content and tips for effective social media writing
 Participants would be given 15 days towards this milestone -5.

E-Learning Content Development

  1. Understanding the e-learning environment
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of e-learning
  3. Developing e-learning courseware
  4. Storyboarding
  5. Assessment in e-learning
Participants would be given 15 days towards this milestone -6.


The participants will be divided into groups for the PBL activities. Each group would solve the given real-time problem, the solution of which would be centred around medical communications. The PBL approach would help the learners co-create knowledge as they go about solving the problem.

Each PBL group would create and present medical content, including the below mentioned, to achieve the desired goals as discussed in the case:
  1. Content strategy involving scientific writing/publication and patient education
  2. Content – text, images, storyboard, social media post, video for the proposed content strategy
  3. Presentation by the team.
  4. 360-degree peer-to-peer learning and feedback and rating by the other team members ,moderator and instructors.
Participants would be given 30 days towards this milestone -7

How does the PBL-powered Advanced Training in Medical Writing program work?

LMS Learning Management System

• On enrolment, the participants will be provided with tutorial LMS access to begin training.

• The participants are expected to complete the following milestones, strictly within the specified time limits:

  1. Foundation program in effective medical writing and its given assignments.
  2. Writing for consumers/ patient communication and its given assignments.
  3. Scientific/ publication writing and its given assignments.
  4. Medico- marketing Writing and its given assignments.
  5. Writing for Social Media and its given assignments.
  6. E-learning/ Storyboarding and its given assignments.
Problem Based Learning PBL Group of members
  • On successful completion of all the above milestones, the participants WILL BE DEEMED ELIGIBLE for the PBL activities, as described below:
  • The participants would be divided into groups of 3-4.
  • The instructor will share the industry-based medical writing and communication cases for the group activity.
  • The respective group members will discuss the case, understand, brainstorm the problem.
  • The group members will analyse and structure the results of their brainstorming session and formulate content strategy for the given case.
  • The group members will divide their deliverables, and will do independent writing based on their learning in the Milestone 1 to 5.
  • Finally, the group will compile the respective writing as per their drafted content strategy and present it (the case problem and the solution they came up with) for the final 360° feedback.

Why Us?

Courses | MedEduPro

Learn from the provider of medical communication services since 2008 – the trusted supplier and partner to:

  • Thousands of physicians and nurses in hospitals and private practice
  • Large online portals
  • World’s leading publication houses providing educational content for medical and scientific resources
  • Major pharmaceutical companies worldwide
  • Healthcare conferences
  • Major Healthcare IT companies
  • Universities
  • Payers

Contemporary Pedagogy

  • Medical writing training is more effective when delivered online since you may require sourcing or referring more than 80-90% content for your writing from online sources. Also, the technology advances have made all the writings and its publishing computer-based. Thus, we build platform for better performance and result.
  • The PBL approach is evidence-based and prepares participants:
    • To understand and apply best practices of medical writing in real time.
    • To think critically and creatively
    • To work independently
    • To network and collaborate with professionals and businesses
Online Study MedEduPro
eLearning MedEduPro

Practical and Self-Paced

The program provides a real-time learning platform for participants to attain the requisite medical writing skills to excel in their career. The participants can complete the training anytime within six months of the enrolment date.

Note: *Extension will be given on request (stating a valid reason) for another 2 months from the date of enrolment.

Note: The participants are advised to complete the training within the time period specified. Any extension of the training for upto 3 months would attract a surcharge of 25% fee.

Experience and Expertise

The program is designed based on our experience of medical writing and our adoption of the best industry practices. Our team has experience of working on a wide range of medical writing projects for its global clients. As an organization, we have trained over 2500 plus professionals worldwide in medical writing. Our objective is to provide usable, affordable and experiential training for medical professionals. IMC is into the business of Medical/Healthcare marketing and communication. Therefore, the participants get to learn the writing standard and its application based on the wide range of projects executed by the company for its clients worldwide. Visit www.imcdigital.life to learn more about us.

Experance and Expertise medical writing | MedEduPro
Feedback | MedEduPro

Assignments – Portfolio of your medical writing

The secret sauce of your medical writing success is your assignments. These assignments given after every milestone would help you and our team to assess your progress in writing and identify the gaps and provide feedback and suggestions to improve it. Your assignments are reviewed by an experience team who hold distinction in medical writing. The tutorials are bundled with over 15 sets of assignments to help evaluate your learning at each milestone. On successful completion of the assignments, you will be eligible for the PBL activities and awarded training completion certificate.


As working professionals/students, you get full flexibility to take up the training – anytime and anywhere. If you know the basics of computers and internet, it would be very easy and a user-friendly learning experience. What you will need is a computer and an internet connection. This program is presented in an asynchronous format. It means that students are not required to attend class at a certain given time, but can login and access the program when it is most convenient for them.

Online Training | MedEduPro


As the first organization to launch a medical writing program, MedEduPro, has trained over 2500 healthcare professionals worldwide. The pedagogy used for the training is PBL – Problem Based Learning approach.

The core objective of MedEduPro is to provide usable, affordable and accessible Medical Education for Healthcare professionals and participants. Our program has therefore been designed to be affordable and help build the medical and healthcare communication community with the right skills for written communication.

MedEduPro team works on a wide range of medical writing projects for its global clients. Some of the program’s unique features are the assignments and feedback. The program offers integrated assessments and assignments to evaluate the learning process of the participants.

Is it necessary for a candidate to be from healthcare/science background? It is preferable but not necessary for a candidate to be from the healthcare/science background. While there are advantages to having a healthcare or life-sciences background, our course is designed to cover basics and facilitate your ability to research unfamiliar subjects in order to be able to pursue a career as a medical writer.

Our training provides all necessary skills and technique for any aspirant to become medical writer. However, writing is like an art – the more you practice, the better you become. The program offers integrated assignments and provides constant feedback to sharpen your writing skills.

Note: Your writing should not be only limited to given assignments. We suggest you practice your writing skills using our suggested guidelines and techniques. Many of our participants have built their own portfolio based on these assignments for bagging new projects and employment.

You have 6 months to finish the course. If you need an extension, you can request it through our administration stating the reason. However, even after that, you are unable to complete the course, you may be required to pay an additional charge to extend the training further.

You should expect high quality, usable and an interactive up-to-date content. After you register for the training program, you will receive an email that contains your payment receipt and login ID. There are no CDs to load and no books to read.

Our programs are designed, developed and assessed by the qualified medical writers with extensive experience. On successful completion of the assignments of all milestones, the learners will be participating in PBL activities, followed by awarding of the completion certificate.

4-5 months.

This is based on average participant feedback, we have found that participants generally spend about 12-15 hours per week they are comfortably able to complete within 4-5 months of time. This includes online learning, responding to the postings and writing assignments. However, your login credentials remain active for 6 months from the date of enrolment.

MedEduPro program is presented in an asynchronous format. This means that participants are not required to attend class at a certain time, but can login and access the program when it is most convenient for them. Participants will receive a 1-to-1 assessment from MedEduPro. MedEduPro will also provide feedback and suggestions to improve the participant’s progress.

6 months

We can give maximum 2 months extension only on request and being approved by the program director.

You need to pay additional fees and seek extension if failed to complete in given time. ( 6-8 months).

You may contact us through email at any needed time. If you ever need to contact someone directly, you can request a tele-conference, and we will be glad to contact you at the discretion of the administration depending on how urgent your request might be. You can also contact us.

All questions related to the training will be answered by your online reviewers to whom you can post your queries. Administrative requests will be handled by our representatives or by our Participant Services Coordinator at: +91-9000-592-779

If you know the basics of computers and the internet, you will find the online interaction easy and user-friendly.

The program is recognized and accepted by the corporates and educational institutes worldwide. The program is designed and executed by the professionals having rich experience in medical and clinical research writing. The objective of our program is to make learning simple and help establish a foundation for medical writing.

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Firewall & Pop up blockers: Because MedEduPro launches in a pop-up window, pop-up blocking software must be disabled. If you have a firewall or cookie management software, please allow onlinemedicalwriting.com as a trusted site.

In simple words we say it’s not legal to allow other people to access the training courses that you paid for. If you share the login, you will be violating our license agreement. Please read our copyrights policy. MedEduPro program administrator keeps continuous watch of participant’s activity through the time spent, IP address, cookies etc. MedEduPro reserves the right to terminate access to this website at any time and without notice. Further this limited license terminates automatically, without notice, if you breach any of these Terms. Upon termination, you must immediately destroy any downloaded and printed materials.

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Powered by PBL – Problem Based Learning approach

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