Blended Learning Solutions

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Why choose from face-to-face trainings and e-learning courses, when one can get the best of both the worlds! Blended learning is just the right solution for clients, who have trust on the effectiveness of the traditional face-to-face training programs, as well as have faith on the value-addition of e-learning approach. Programs created on blended-learning approach […]

Microlearning Solutions

Micro Learning Solutions I MedEduPro

With the advent of mobile phones and tablets, microlearning is becoming quite popular, focusing on short-term learning activities. How convenient it would be, if one can learn from the convenience of their smartphones, not in a classroom, but from wherever they want to be! Micro learning materials are usually a few minutes long, and in […]

Offline to Online Transition Solutions

Offline to Online Transition Solution | MedEduPro

Changes are hard at the beginning, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end…and we hold your spirits high as every step of this continuum. With most educational activities moving online, it is only prudent for organizations to make the most of their face-to-face course content, by making it accessible online through e-learning. However, […]

e-Learning Consulting

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Two minds are better than one- whoever said that might have foreseen the advantages of any consulting services. For any e-learning project, you always need a second head to ask relevant questions, validate the learning strategies, confirm alignment of content, technology and learning outcomes, and troubleshoot any hassles. What would be better than a team […]

End-to-end Learning Solutions

End to End e learning solutions | MedEduPro

An effective e-learning program is the outcome of well-coordinated efforts of various professionals towards a common goal of improved learning outcomes. Subject matter experts, curriculum specialists, instructional designers, program authors, LMS specialists, assessment writers, and many more professionals contribute to making of an e-learning course. We understand that many organizations may have their training needs, […]