Medical writing in the era of Artificial Intelligence.

Home Share on Social Networks: MedEduPro (formerly i-cme), held a webinar on “Medical writing in the era of Artificial Intelligence” on Friday, 9th July, 2021, an overview of the topics that were to be discussed and began with an introduction on ‘AI and how it is a part of our everyday lives’.   How does […]

Medical Writing – A Promising Non-Clinical Career

Medical Writing – A good Non-Clinical Career Home Share on Social Networks: On 5th February, 2022, MedEduPro (formerly i-cme), held a webinar on “Non-clinical job avenues in medical writing”. This session was conducted by two distinguished professionals in the medical communications sector- Dr. Chinnapapagari Satheesh Kumar Reddy and Mr. G Vishwanand. This was an interactive session […]

Unlocking your Medical Writing skills during lockdown

Share on Social Networks: Problems are opportunities. Yes, this lockdown period could be the best time for most of us to pursue the laundry lists like reading books, listening to music, watching your favorite web series, movies and importantly pursing a skill. You may consider this phase as an opportunity to upgrade/hone your skills and […]

How to become a successful Medical Writer?

Share on Social Networks: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects technical writing jobs like scientific writing to increase by 11% by 2026. The demand for medical writing will increase because of the need to communicate enormous scientific information or data. Medical writing is all about communicating clinical and scientific information in written form. Anyone […]

Is medical writing same as medical coding and transcription?

Share on Social Networks: # Medical Writing Medical Transcription What is Medical writing involves communicating clinical and scientific data and information to a range of audiences in a wide variety of formats. It is method of written communication of scientific knowledge, customized to the target audience. Medical transcription is the process of converting voice-recorded reports […]

Publish your Writing

Share on Social Networks: Before writing… Do Read… The moment the idea of pitching a piece of writing to an editorial board comes, many are confused about where, when and how to start? The importance of writing and publishing an article, online or offline, is beginning to root deep in people’s opinion. Getting an article […]

Rules for Writing

Share on Social Networks: Before penning down their thoughts, ideas or any research work, authors should be aware of certain basic rules that have to be followed for a good piece of work. Best outcome can be achieved by following few simple rules, like Selecting the target journal Knowing the importance of reading “Instructions to […]

Medical education 2.0- Making doctors better communicators

Share on Social Networks: Medical education 2.0-Making doctors better communicators In our medical_education_2.0_icmeIn our blog “Why is medical writing required for Healthcare Professionals?”, dated Oct 22nd , 2018, we recommended that healthcare professionals’ academic training must focus on the narrative form of writing, enabling them to articulate scientific concepts and research into layman’s understanding. I-CME […]

Online training in Scientific Writing – An effective way of learning

Share on Social Networks: Online training in Scientific Writing – An effective way of learning​ A study published in BMC Medical Education where participants from a medical, nursing and physiotherapy background from US and Brazil, finds an on-line scientific writing instruction is better than standard face-to-face instruction in terms of writing quality and student satisfaction. […]