Dr. Andrew Keenan

I first off wanted to say that I am really enjoying this course for medical writing. It has been very informative and structured.

Sam Devanand

Aptly conceived, professionally organized and impeccably executed program that builds and harnesses the skills required to set one above all others. Plugs the spark and fires up dormant talents. A must for every Pharma professional who wants to excel.

E. Rajesh

InfocusRxTM training focuses on simplicity. The training is simple, very useful for getting an idea and practice on various types of medical writing with continuous assessment and feedback. A must attend training program for every healthcare professional, and I believe our education system should adopt these kinds of training programs compulsorily in University curriculum.

Dr. Hymavathi

The InfocusRxTM program is a perfect blend of art and science. The program is designed using interesting facts, examples and assignments to keep us more engaged. Assessments were the most important part of the program, which personally helped me sharpen my writing skills. Last but not the least, InfocusRxTM program just doesn’t teach and leave […]

Sandeep Maslekar

I am really grateful to the team of InfocusRxTM for designing a pick n move package of scientific and medical writing material. It has opened several new pathways for job seekers in medical domain. I feel that my decision of joining the course has initiated the creativity in me.

T. Satish Kumar

The training offered by InfocusRxTM is completely industry oriented and professionally executed. I guess this is the first of its kind, where one gets ample opportunity to explore the various areas in Medical Writing. InfocusRxTM training helped me polish my writing skills and explore exciting career opportunities. It was a great learning experience and I […]

Dr. Sushma M

It was a perfect time for me to enhance my skills for widening my opportunities in clinical research field. As I was passionate about writing, “Medical Writing” is what struck in my mind being a life science student. Tough competition, few opportunities, innovation and creativity demand skilled professionals with flair in writing. This made me […]

Dr. Bhavani Ajjarapu

I would like to thank you for providing me with the opportunity to be a part of this excellent program and being really good mentors. This course was very useful, not only professionally, but also for anyone trying to improve their scientific writing skills. It was a pleasure interacting with both of you, and I […]

Dr. Vaishnavi

Doing “Medical and Clinical Research Writing” course from InfocusRx opens various opportunities for me in medical writing field. Presently I am working as a freelance medical writer for two health websites and offers are coming from health magazines also. I can earn good taking writing as a home based work and handling my clinic side-by-side. […]

Dr.Minakshi Welukar

Thanks a lot for all the support and guidance during this course. It was a very nice experience. Hope you keep in touch.