Digital Communication Strategy for Pharma and Healthcare Business

Elevate your career to the next level and be digitally ready!


Digital technology and communication have revolutionized the healthcare system. This changing landscape demands that healthcare professionals understand digital dynamics and apply the best practices to day-to-day operations and practice.

The Certification in Digital Communication Strategy for Pharma and Healthcare Business aims:

Training Program in Digital Communication Strategy for Pharma and Healthcare Business?

What makes this program unique ?

Pedagogy inspired by the principles of Problem-Based Learning Approach

Access to LMS

Every module is integrated with Assessments and assignment

Social Media Knowledge Resource Kit for medical and healthcare communication

Focus on content writing – messaging for HCPs and consumers/patients

Realtime case-studies and portfolios of IMCdigital.life and industry partners

Networking and Hackathon

Industry leadership interactions

Career Outlook

  • Medical and Health Services Managers
  • Digital Business Strategy Development
  • Strategy and Corporate Development
  • Brand and product management
  • Digital marketing Specialist
  • Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Managers
  • Social Media Brand Marketing
  • Health Educators and Community Health Workers
  • Digital Asset Management
  • E-Commerce Brand Management
  • Experience Design

The impact of digital technology in healthcare will continue to reverberate, with venture funding for health tech innovators at $14 billion in 2020 and expected to increase.—Deloitte, Trends in health tech investments (February 26, 2021)


Who can take up Training Program in Healthcare Communication and Social Media?

  • Entrepreneurial doctors and healthcare professionals
  • Hospital administrators
  • Healthcare professionals into marketing and communication
  • Digital marketing members of hospital/pharma/medical devices
  • Public health professionals
  • Brand/product managers
  • Healthcare-IT professionals
  • Digital health/medicine/therapeutics professionals
  • Payers/patient outreach professionals
  • Job aspirants
  • Freelancers/Consultants
  • Professionals from media/agencies
  • Students


The course curriculum consists of 6 modules along with one module-zero and integrated with industry based live case solving assignments.

Module 0 : Foundation Program

  • Medical and Healthcare Communication in the Digital Era
  • Assignment brief and instructions for Master Case submission ( Customised training as per participants profile)

Module 1 : Audience Analysis

Positioning your medical and healthcare communication goals

Module 2 : Defining Objectives

Goal setting for your medical and healthcare communication

Module 3 : Selecting Strategy

Developing Strategies and Tactics for your medical and healthcare communication

Module 4 : Content Development

  • Writing for Patient Communication
  • Writing for Scientific Communication
  • Crafting winning message for your Communication

Module 5 : Digital and Social Communication Tool

  • Understanding Social Media Marketing
  • Developing content strategy for social platforms
  • Selecting the right Social Media Tools for your campaign

Module 6 : Review , Analysis and Impact

  • Analysis of medical and healthcare communication
  • Measuring the impact of your campaign

How it works ?

Blended training program:

Class-room instructor led sessions –  3 rd Dec, 2022, Begumpet, Hyderabad

1st Saturday

2nd Saturday

3rd Saturday

4th Saturday

5th Saturday

Case Presentation Day

Working through this training and the assignment requires the participant to apply the theoretical knowledge obtained through this class-room sessions (Modules 0 to 6 ) into solving a real business digital health/medical communication problem.

  • The Module Zero is integrated with set of Instructions for the preparation and submission for Project Case.
  • To be eligible for the training completion certificate, every participant must complete the Master Assignment based on the Project Case submitted before starting Module-One. This Master Case could be based on any healthcare communication requirement/problem at their workplace (or could be provided by MedEduPro, if you don’t have any).
  • The Project Case is a real-time healthcare communication requirement/problem at the participant’s workplace, which is chosen as the Master Assignment by them.
  • This PROJECT CASE, which runs parallelly to the course, is selected by the participants themselves, based on any healthcare communication requirement/problem at their workplace (or could be provided by MedEduPro, if you don’t have any). This PROJECT CASE should be sent to the MedEduPro Team for approval. The participant is advised not to work on the case unless it is approved.
  • The Master Assignment is a collective presentation of one final assignment based on your learning and application of Digital Communication Strategy Training ( Module 1 to 6) as per the Project Case submitted. You will solve the Project Case in 6 PARTS, starting from Module 1 through Module 6 running parallelly to the course.
  • Master Assignment = [ Assignment on Module-1 solving project case submitted + Assignment on Module-2 solving project case submitted + Assignment on Module-3 solving project case submitted + Assignment on Module-4 solving project case submitted + Assignment on Module-5 solving project case submitted + Assignment on Module-6 solving project case submitted]
  • Receive the completion certificate on Final Assignment Presentation and solving master case discussed earlier



IMC is a Digital Health Transformation Solution Provider, offering:

Patient Experience -

Delivering omni-channel patient experience and engagement solution across the continuum of care delivery.

Pharma Excellence

Enabling digital transformation from drug discovery to drug marketing using internet and social media strategies.

HCP Excellence

Engaging digital-savvy Health Care Professionals with knowledge solutions- research updates and medical information for clinical excellence.

Digital /e-Learning

Enabling digital transformation in medical and health education through innovative technologies, participation, collaboration and problem based learning approach.

Vishwanand aka Vishy GovindaRaju




  • I bring over 20 years of experience in Branding, New Product Design and Development , Strategic Marketing and Digital Health Transformation. I have been part over 25 start-up / new business success stories across India, U.S.A, Europe, U.A.E and South East Asia. I was associated with pepper square, IBSS, Pioneer Group, Piramal Group, Ernst & Young, Satyam, and Administrative Staff College of India prior founding www.imcdigital.life – IMC – Digital Health Transformation Company in the year 2008.
  • I am passionate about building digital health brands and marketing solutions. Thanks to my Indian Airforce roots, I have been fortunate enough to travel the length and width of India, thus I understand people socially and culturally better. In addition, my international marketing experience and exposure helps me further to design usable branding solutions keeping the global trends and competition in mind.
  • When I am not busy building brands, you can find me cycling and running- these activities are the secret sauce of my creative and strategic inclination. When your work is your passion, you enjoy waking up to different business challenges, to build unique success stories, and to deliver the promise to your customers, every single day.
  • K-Factor from Masters from ISB, Pondicherry Central University and IIMM-Pune.

Duration & Credits

MedEduPro Definition of Credit Hour: A credit hour is the amount of work needed to achieve the intended learning outcomes as verified by evidence of student’s achievements being at par with the institutionally established standards. This reasonably approximates to not less than one hour of module learning or instructions over Zoom or WebEx or class-room and a minimum of two hours of time spent on understanding the given task, doing internet research and writing assignments by adopting the writing processes described in the training module.

The certificate is awarded to participants who have successfully completed and submitted all assignments meeting the minimum standard of best writing practices:

  • Zero Plagiarism – No participants shall submit the words, ideas, images, or data of another person as their own in any project, assignment, presentation or poster in MedEduPro study program.
  • Medically Accurate – All the assignments need to be medically accurate with reference cited.
  • Abiding to given style guide / instructions
  • Presentation of final assignment

credit points

30 Hours

Class-room instructions

120 Hours

additional student work towards research and writing of the assignments.

150 Hours

Fees : 35,000 + GST

MileStone – 1 :Admission  – 15,000 +GST (You will be getting license of Standard Medical Writing and Healthcare Communication)

MileStone – 2 :Completion of four class-room session   – 10,000 +GST (The candidate have choice to make the payment anytime during the training program.)

MileStone – 3 : Project Submission  – 15,000 +GST (The candidate needs to make the last milestone payment for the project evaluation and certification award.)

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Digital Communication Strategy for Pharma and Healthcare Business

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